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Genealogy – References

Reference 1
Edie Abrams writes about Dr. Ekkehard Hübschmann, the founder of GPT:

"I have known Ekkehard for about five years. Anyone who works with him will see that he has a real commitment to uncovering the truth and restoring history. Ekkehard helped me recover my family by tenaciously researching through documents in several towns in Bavaria and beyond, visiting municipal archives, and going to Jewish cemeteries. Without Ekkehard's generous time and effort, I would know very little about my family.

I finally met Ekkehard when the Historical Workshop of Bayreuth invited survivors and families of victims to Bayreuth for the installation of a Holocaust memorial in the Historical Museum. While we were there, he led historical tours of the city, and knew about all the participants' families, where they had lived, and what they had done for a living. Later, Ekkehard took my husband and me to the Black Forest and other towns, like Mehren and Altenkirchen, where my family originated.

I was very impressed with Ekkehard's organization and attention to details. He organized the transportation arrangements, the funding, and the schedule of tours. His research and the depth of knowledge of German history and of German-Jewish history helped us to understand the history of the Jews in Bayreuth and enhanced everyone's understanding of what had happened during the war.

We have kept up an email friendship all these years, and even still today, Ekkehard is looking for and sending me information about my ancestors. I am so grateful to him."

Reference 2
"Dear Mr. Huebschmann,

It might be not comprehensible for you, but I have never in all my 59 years had a correspondence with Germany that consisted of such an amount of understanding and empathy. The only words which I can say are THANK YOU. This includes everything, emotions and good wishes for you and the people surrounding you. Again thank you very, very much."

Mónica A., Buenes Aires